December 26, 2017

Trump regime making legal immigration much harder

Daily Beast - The Trump administration has quietly and unofficially made it significantly harder for people to legally immigrate to the United States, according to numerous immigration attorneys who have dealt with these matters for years.

“Some percentage are going to be deterred from bringing family here, which I think is probably the goal,” said Jason Dzubow, an immigration lawyer who blogs at The Asylumist. “I think the goal is to reduce overall immigration.”

Renata Castro, an immigration attorney based in Florida, says the new steps have taken an already-stressful process and made it almost cripplingly nerve-wracking. Many of her clients have had nervous breakdowns, hair loss, and debilitating anxiety.

Attorneys and their staff are also facing unprecedented stress. Greg Siskind, who is based in Memphis and specializes in helping doctors immigrate to the U.S., said that several months ago, one of his partners started having a meditation coach come to the office every week. The coach focuses on helping the law firm’s staffers manage the stress.

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