December 16, 2017

Trump plans to cut Social Security, Medicare in second term

Share Blue - A Republican congressman has revealed that Donald Trump confessed that he plans to push cuts to Social Security and Medicare “on the first day of his second term.”

The revelation came after the unnamed congressman met with several reporters on Capitol Hill, discussing the underlying plans behind Trump’s long-term thinking, Business Insider reports.

[It echoes] ideas that have been consistently promoted by House Speaker Paul Ryan, who has had the social safety net in his targets for years.

Ryan recently told a radio show host that after shoving through the unpopular tax scam bill, with its carve-outs for the ultra-wealthy, he hopes to attack Medicare and Social Security in the next legislative session.


Unknown said...

Fear mongering

BeamMeUp said...

...or perhaps the truth. Hard to tell these days as we are, and have been, lied to for years. Biggest and worse, by far, "Iraq has WMD's". Take some time to read The Project for the New American Century. Just google it. In 2005 I made a hard copy of it, thinking "no way will this stay online". Well, it is. I just brought it up last night. Positively horrific.

Anonymous said...

and then there is Agenda 21 depopulation...on youtube