December 17, 2017

More renting with roommates

Planetizin  An analysis of American Community Survey data reveals telling trends in rental housing—specifically about the number of renters sharing their homes with roommates or their parents.
The three headlining findings are as follows:
  • 30 percent of working-age adults—aged 23 to 65—live in doubled-up households, up from a low of 21 percent in 2005 and 23 percent in 1990.
  • Adults living with roommates or family members earn 67 cents for every dollar made by adults who live on their own (or with a partner).
  • More than half (54 percent) of young adults aged 23-29 live in doubled-up households, with either roommates or family members.


Anonymous said...

thinking thinking - about the world - about the great tragicomedic blindness to the biggest, couldn't-get-simpler mistake in peoples' thinking - inequality and suffering both at ever-escalating extremes and nobody clear that it's beyond absurd for so few to have so much - reaping what it took everybody to sow - everybody going "geez! what the hell is going on in this world today?! so much deprivation, and conflict! and spreading! so much war! masses of people fleeing - so much chaos - and one economic crisis following right on the heels of the previous - falling wages - global race to the cheapest labor - the gigarich telling the governments what to do - lifetimes spent - wasted - in fighting unnecessary fights galore with an opponent so easily got rid of altogether! - it's the economic injustice, you stupids! you sound-snoring sleepers - bah - complete blindness to the most obvious thing under the moon and stars - ship of fools - poor humanity - it's so surreal that no one sees it! so hard to believe the globe hasn't gone up in smoke before now what with our total obliviousness to what's real
Dear humanity, just how crazy immature do you want to act, before you sober up and spend a little time being a response-able adult?

Does anyone ever give the least thought to the astonishing - unbearable? - amount of work we have made certain our descendants will have to do to survive in the hardscrabble world we have constructed and are sentencing them to? We are epically failing - or refusing - to do the far less far easier work of switching our thinking and our societies to fairpay fairwealth - we are sound asleep at the wheel on the most important thing! Are we sadists? bearing children knowing they will suffer - even more than we now suffer - impoverishment for billions and billions of coming souls - there will be even more suffering in future - we give our offspring the tyranny of unlimited personal fortunes - chains around all necks - so so dumb - we are so so dumb -

Matt said...

Finally, an 'Anonymous' who offers some insight. But, not a word about how to change people's ennui. Perhaps support Reverend Billy and his Church of Stop Shopping. Possibly coordinate the shopcopalypse and the trumpcopalypse. Anyway, thanks Anonymous for urging us to do something!