December 8, 2017

More bad stuff about Roy Moore

Washington Post - 1997, as a circuit court judge, Moore spoke out against evolution — and linked it to crime. CNN’s KFILE team uncovered the video.

“We have kids driving by, shooting each other, that they don’t even know each other,” Moore said. “They’re acting like animals because we’ve taught them they come from animals. They’re treating their fellow men with prejudice because we taught them they come from animals.”

In 2005, Moore was interviewed by journalist Bill Press. During that interview, he argued that homosexuality should be illegal.

“Homosexual conduct should be illegal, yes,” he told Press when asked about his views on a contemporaneous Supreme Court decision. At the time, nearly half the country agreed; his campaign has not clarified whether he still holds this position.

In 2006, writing for the conservative site WorldNetDaily, he argued that Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) should not be allowed to serve in the House because he is Muslim and would be sworn in on the Koran.

“In 1943, we would never have allowed a member of Congress to take their oath on ‘Mein Kampf,’ or someone in the 1950s to swear allegiance to the ‘Communist Manifesto,'” Moore wrote. “Congress has the authority and should act to prohibit Ellison from taking the congressional oath today!” Asked about this article in October, Moore appeared to stand by it.

A year ago, after Donald Trump’s election, Moore was asked at an event whether he believed that Obama was born in the United States.

“My personal belief is that he wasn’t,” Moore replied, “but that’s probably over and done in a few days, unless we get something else to come along.”

[At a Moore rally]

“We were torn apart in the Civil War — brother against brother, North against South, party against party,” he said. “What changed?”

“Now we have blacks and whites fighting, reds and yellows fighting, Democrats and Republicans fighting, men and women fighting,” he continued. “What’s going to unite us? What’s going to bring us back together? A president? A Congress? No. It’s going to be God.”

He later defended the use of “reds and yellows” by saying that he was quoting a religious song.

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Guillermo Calvo Mahe said...

These are the issues that have been obfuscated by trying to make the Alabama Senate election about unproven allegations of a sexual nature four decades ago, two of which involve allegations of illegalities but one is questionable to anyone with independent short term memory, given recent disclosures. Addressing these easily provable issues evidently wasn’t going to cost Roy Moore the election so the Washington Post went questing for something more salacious, even if unprovable. The results may well turn out politically counterproductive on the short term, and socially detrimental for a long time, depriving much more convincing allegations of sexual predation of the impact they deserve.
Any time allegations of misconduct not involving political conduct are politicized they lose credibility and harm causes that deserve non-political focus, attention and solution; however, the desperate quest for political power has so perverted the mainstream media and the losers of the last election that they are willing to throw anyone under the bus to regain it, victims as well as victimizers, and causes that deserve real attention become subverted in a blaze of hysterical hypocrisy.