December 29, 2017

Housing homeless saves money

Governing- For years, homeless advocates have argued that if governments put up money to house people, they will reap cost savings down the line. A new study appears to validate that argument.

Housing for Health, a division of the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, places chronically homeless people into housing and connects them to a case manager for support services, such as substance abuse treatment. For every $1 spent on the program, the county government saved $1.20 in health care and other social service costs, according to a report published by RAND Corporation, a research firm.

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Tom Puckett said...

From @RoseAnnDeMoro on Twitter:

San Francisco: each dot represents 10 consistently unoccupied homes.
30,057 vacant homes
7,550 homeless adults, children
Residents face mass evictions

Empty homes in SF are capable of housing 84,000! Take the Anti-Eviction Pledge:

Cheers, Tom