December 14, 2017

DeVos ends debt relief for defrauded students

Salon - The U.S. Department of Education put a halt on student loan debt cancellations for student who were victims of fraud by for-profit colleges — leaving many students in the dark about their loan status, without an official announcement, according to a new Reuters report.

According to the report, Betsy DeVos has also officially halted existing cancellations after months of speculation and concern. Senator Patty Murray, D-Wash., spoke out about the matter, attacking DeVos and her decision.

“Hundreds of thousands of students were defrauded and cheated by predatory colleges that broke the law, but today’s report confirms Secretary DeVos tried to shirk her responsibility to these students and shut down the borrower-defense program, leaving them with nowhere to turn,” Murray, the senior Democrat on the Education Committee, told Reuters.

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Anonymous said...

Has anyone explored the possibility of a class action suit against all for profit schools and also against the "Devos Devolvment Department, making the government a party to this fraud????