December 17, 2017

Beginning with the Reagan era, the American economy has transferred income from botton 50% to top 1%

Washington Post - Back in 1980, the bottom 50 percent of wage-earners in the United States earned about 21 percent of all income in the country — nearly twice as much as the share of income (11 percent) earned by the top 1 percent of Americans.

But today, according to a massive new study on global inequality, those numbers have nearly reversed: The bottom 50 percent take in only 13 percent of the income pie, while the top 1 percent grab over 20 percent of the country's income.


Anonymous said...

1% are paid more than the world average hourly pay - 99% are paid less than the average per hour - 90% are paid A TENTH TO A THOUSANDTH of the average hourly pay - if you think that people can work a 10th to a 1000th less productively than the average in an hour, you are nuts

the 1% are paid up to A MILLION TIMES the average hourly pay - if you think that anyone can work a million times more productively in an hour than the average person, you are fargone barmy plus

everyone knows that the rich get richer while the poor get poorer - everyone should know this means that the rich get more and more pay per unit of work while the poor get less and less pay for the same unit of work, and everyone should know this is injustice, it is theft, it is legal theft

everyone should know that there are LEGAL THEFTS in the economic society - big wideopen legal thefts - eg, buy land, others build city around land, owner gets the value which has been added by others' work, eg the waldorfs, the westminsters, and every person who bought land and sold it at a higher price without doing anything to the land

everyone knows money makes money, ie that the person didn't have to work to make the money, the money 'made' the money, raked the money, ie the system allowed an individual to take out where he never put in

1% get 90% of world wealth - US$70 trillion a year - while doing less than 1% of the work - ie, stealing 89% of the world's work products - stealing about US$70 trillion a year, ie stealing US$70,000 per family

people wonder why they are poor, and they know there are people pulling billions a year out of the economy - and they know that no one can work much harder than the average - the largest fortune is US$50 billion, and half of fulltime working americans have fortunes less than $2000 - and people can still deny injustice, theft, movement of money from earners to nonearners

people's power of denial of the obvious is just far too great to get humans to reality and happiness

the most blatant, glaring, obvious, shouting injustice - and people can't see it, don't know it

denial and misery instead of reality and happiness

i suppose that is why they drop so many bombs on themselves, they are trying to wake themselves up - maybe the atomic bomb destroying all life 60 times over will wake them up - just in time for the end of all life


responsibility, maturity, realism, practicality, wisdom, awareness, awakeness, seem to have entirely deserted the human race

Anonymous said...

the lowest hourly pay per fortnight is $1 - average is $1000 - highest is $1,000,000,000 - and humanity is in denial about this, is not admitting this

justice is equal pay for equal work, and we have pay from $1 to $1,000,000,000 for equal work

and the maturity of humanity is about up to wiping it out of mind if anyone like me tells them

to make a real pot you have to use real clay, not imaginary clay

to make real happiness, you have to use reality, not whatever you imagine or wish

observe yourself: how quickly will you manage to wipe this fact of our extreme overpay-underpay ratio along with its implications out of your mind? will it be gone in a minute, a day? will you make any effort to force it to stay, knowing your happiness depends entirely on your realism? will you fight your denial, as the enemy of your happiness, your everything, or cuddle up with it, thinking it your friend?

the strange thing is that no govt would be foolish enough to take 90% of income permanently off 90% of people and give it to 1%, and if there was a government foolish enough, they would not be allowed, and yet we have, after millenia of rich get richer, money makes money, etc, got a reality worse than this, and no one can see it, and no one is thinking we should do anything about it

everyone knows that taking 90% off 90% etc would generate enormous violence, and we have worse injustice than this, and no one can see the connection between the injustice and the violence

everyone can see that taking 90% off 90% etc will destroy most happiness [peace, safety, etc], but no one can see an opportunity to restore most happiness by reversing the injustice we have

how simple is it, that if you have two children, two lunchboxes, and one child takes both lunchboxes, the child with two lunchboxes is worse off because he gains only one more lunchbox than he needs and loses peace and friendship? - he gains only a lunchbox for his full stomach, and loses by gaining endless war


if we adopt the reality principle

greed is a vice BECAUSE IT DESTROYS HAPPINESS OF EVERYONE - legislate against greed - greed is killing 100 million people a year, in all nations - it is the enemy - it does not deliver happiness, it delivers misery - we have misery - we can have happiness

just think a simple easy thought

world income divided by number of families was US$75,000 a year when i first wrote this - every family working average hard all over this globe was producing US$75,000 of wealth [goods and services] a year - plenty - plus peace

it may be twice that amount now



the pursuit of overfortunes is not glorious

justice is glorious

fairsharing world wealth, spreading world wealth as evenly as world work is spread is justice is glorious

the car of humanity has been accelerating towards the brick wall of ww3 and nuclear winter [= everything dead] for a long time while you have been sleeping - wake up and press the brake labelled justice !!!

Anonymous said...

When will people give up the fantasy that Reagan was a great president?

If you look at all the current problems of the west, most of them can be traced back to Reagan and Thatcher.