November 27, 2017

Why not treat Trump and Moore as unmanly?

Sam Smith - The popular assumption is that men like Donald Trump and Roy Moore exhibit excessive machismo and the worst of manliness.

But the fact is that a truly attractive man doesn't have to grope random pussy for excitement or reduce his targets to teenage girls. The argument can be made - and perhaps with better ultimate consequences - that people like Trump and Moore aren't very manly at all. They are desperate wimps who - unable to rely on their looks, personalities or skills - revert to desperate behavior to compensate for their weakness.

We may unconsciously encourage their sexual excesses by treating them as as grand predators rather than as the unmanly, undeveloped, cowardly weaklings that they are.

Just a suggestion


Anonymous said...

Shame won't work. I'll give you some damn good odds on that, Sam. You gonna bet on Donald Trump feeling shame when you're down you your last chips?

Anonymous said...

so what if shame won't work on these little fractions of men? Tell the truth anyway, which Sam has done here.

greg gerritt said...

Trump, making the world great for sexual predators. Maybe someone could do him and Morre a favor and castrate them.