November 13, 2017

Trump wall to tear through three wildlife areas, churches, cemetaries, and RV park

Texas Observer reporter Melissa del Bosque has uncovered new details about the path of the border wall proposed by the Trump administration.

In a piece published Friday, del Bosque writes, “[A] map produced in May by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers shows where the administration expects to build 33 miles of wall in 15 different segments, including portions that would tear through three wildlife areas.” Other private land in the crosshairs include churches, cemeteries, hundreds of homeowners and retirees at an RV park.

Del Bosque also discovered a system used by U.S. officials to make determinations about wall construction. “The documents also reveal a rating system the administration is using to rank the difficulty of building each segment, based on the topography and the legal difficulty of taking over the land,” she writes.

The full story is here.

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