November 27, 2017

Trump making it harder to report sexual harassment

Portside - Behind the scenes, and mostly through executive orders, the White House is making it harder for women to report sexual harassment and fight sex discrimination.

The clearest example came in March. It received little coverage at the time. President Donald Trump reversed an Obama-era order that forbid federal contractors from keeping secret sexual harassment and discrimination cases. The 2014 rule prohibited these companies, which employ about 26 million people, from forcing workers to resolve complaints through arbitration, an increasingly common method businesses use to settle disputes out of the public eye.

... The attack so far has seen the most success via executive order, but a vast swath of the public policies proposed or endorsed by administration officials attempt to scale back women’s rights. From Trump’s repeal of executive orders meant to reduce pay discrimination to the budget floated in May, the failed repeal of Obamacare, and now the Republican tax bills, actions taken or backed by this administration harm women.

“The Trump administration has a clear anti-women agenda. I say that with complete certainty. This is an all-out, full frontal attack on women.” Jessica Stender, senior staff attorney and Equal Rights Advocates, a women’s rights nonprofit.

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greg gerritt said...

Trump, making life great again for sexual predators. The evil bastard,.