November 29, 2017

Trump doesn't like Muslims

Guardian - Trump has long been criticised for anti-Muslim rhetoric. In December 2015, he called for a ban on Muslims entering the US and, in 2016, said “I think Islam hates us.” He previously suggested the creation of a government database to track Muslim Americans as well.

Trump has long made false claims about Muslims. He has said that Muslims in New Jersey celebrated the terrorist attacks on 9/11, that Muslims knew about the San Bernardino mass shooting in advance and did not report it and claimed that an American general once defeated terrorism through mass execution with bullets dipped in pigs’ blood. All of these statements are untrue.

Trump also tweeted in 2015 about what he called the UK’s “massive Muslim problem”.

Independent, UK - The content of the videos [tweeted by Trump] or their origin could not be independently verified, but local reports said the first showed the 2013 murder of a teenager who was himself likely to be a Muslim during riots over the coup against Mohamed Morsi.

The attacker in the video from the Netherlands was neither a Muslim nor a migrant, according to local media, and was arrested over the incident.


Anonymous said...

Rotherham rape gangs? Who says the UK has a Muslim problem?

greg gerritt said...

Trump suffers from dementia, when he says he hates MJuslims, believe it as the rantings of a lunatic.