November 13, 2017

State Department using ex-KGB spy to handle security at US Moscow embassy

Daily Kos - Donald Trump, who just announced to everyone that he trusts a former KGB agent over all 17 American intelligence agencies, is allowing the former head of KGB counter-intelligence to be handed the keys to US Embassy security in Moscow. 

Mr. Viktor Budanov and his son Dmitry run Elite Security Holdings, which was just awarded the $2.83 million contract to handle security for not only the Embassy, but US consulates in several cities to include St. Petersburg. 

Mr. Budanov was a Soviet spy who became the director of the KGB's counter-intelligence division, and also headed the KGB branch in East Germany in the late 1980s. During that time, a young KGB officer named Vladimir Putin reported to him.

Even more maddening: Budanov worked with Britain's most infamous Soviet double agent, Mr. Kim Philby, after Philby defected to the USSR in 1963. According to UK court proceedings, Budanov handled sensitive operations like teaching Bulgarian agents how to kill dissidents.


Anonymous said...

Why would anyone trust the Deep State and Intel agencies which colluded with the Clintons, Jeb Bush, and the Russians to concoct a phony dossier to try to throw our election?

Clinton thru its law firm and Fusion GPS PAID Russian sources (millions - just track the expenditures), many of these former Russian intel to LIE and make up stories about candidate Trump in a desperate attempt to try to discredit his campaign.

They also used to this phony dossier to wiretap and surveil the Trump campaign, including Trump and his associates, by the Obama admin who no doubt colluded with the Clintons.

When the election went the other way, very unexpectedly, they reversed it all to try and cover up all their collusion by trying tar Trump with all the collusion and blame this for their own loss - hoping to force him out before their chicanery was exposed.

Sam, when will you wake up and lose your partisan bias? Can't you see how corrupt this is? They can do this to ANYONE - just ask yourself how will a true progressive EVER get elected and stay elected with this Deep State treachery? JFK tried to end the Cold War (and the CIA) - you really think these same powers now against Trump didn't take him out?

Keep in mind the well-documented CIA ties to the last FOUR presidents.

Trump's greatest achievement as president will be to have finally exposed the Deep State tyranny over our lives - thru its blatant and overreaching attempts to oust him through their various assets.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Budanov is obviously Boris Badenov of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends, with a badly disguised last name.

Badenov is now Fearless Leader after Fearless Leader's sudden demise while having dinner with Boris and Natasha. He drowned in his soup, poor fellow.

Trump should be advised that Boris and Natasha will certainly bug the embassy, just as certainly as they won the election for Trump.