November 9, 2017


A Zogby poll fins Sanders beating Trump by 11 points, Biden winning by 9, with Michelle Obama and Elizabeth Warrren in a statistical tie. 

Politico Among registered voters who said they have seen, read or heard about the tax proposal, 45 percent support the proposal, down from 48 percent last week. The percentage of voters who have heard about the proposal who oppose it held steady at 36 percent, the poll shows.

79 percent of Americans would take a pay cut to work for a more 'just' company

 Rural Blog - 41 percent of voters in counties that flipped from Obama to Trump or saw a significant Republican surge, many of them rural, think the country is worse off now than it was a year ago; 32 percent think it’s better off. And 53 percent say they don't think Trump has a clear agenda on how to address major issues facing the country. And though Trump has a higher approval rating in these "flip" or "surge" counties than in the nation as a whole, his approval appears to be waning. But that doesn't mean they're warming to Hillary Clinton: though Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders got higher approval ratings than Trump, only 23 percent have a positive view of Clinton.

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