November 14, 2017

How the world feels about climate change

Earth Action -
Climate Scorecard Report #15 highlights the results of climate change public opinion surveys that have been conducted in leading greenhouse gas emitting countries over the last five years. Looking across countries we see the following trends:
  • Citizens in many countries agree that climate change is caused by humans and that it is a major threat to national security and their own well-being. (Argentina, France, India, Italy, Nigeria, Russia, South Africa)
  • Citizens in many countries are in favor of their nations taking stronger action to reign in greenhouse gas emitters. E.g. Germany, Spain
  • There is strong support for the Paris Agreement in many countries. (China, Canada, the United States)
  • In several countries, citizens believe that their country as well as other countries are not doing enough to combat climate change, e.g. Brazil, India
  • Citizens beliefs in the importance of climate change is at a low level in certain countries, e.g. China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea
The surveys also reveal the need for increased efforts in all countries to better inform citizens about the nature of climate change and the importance of both their governments and individuals taking stronger action to mitigate the impact of global warming.

Download Climate Scorecard Report 15

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