November 8, 2017

FCC may allow one corporation to own all the TV stations where you live

Very troubling news from the FCC, largely being ignored by both corporate media and Democrats, as Brad Blog - The GOP-controlled federal agency is now set to make a disastrous decision to allow local media ownership monopolies as early as next week.

Ajit Pai, the rightwing Chair of Donald Trump's Federal Communications Commission has announced a vote to be held next week to do away with the last of the few remaining media consolidation rules we have left in the U.S. If the 3 to 2 majority Republican Commission votes, as expected, to overturn decades-long limits on local broadcast and newspaper ownership, one company --- for example, the far rightwing (farther than Fox "News" even) Sinclair Broadcast Group, which is attempting to purchase Tribune Media --- will be able to buy up every single local television station (and their newsrooms) in the town where you live. Newspapers would also be allowed to own local television stations in the same market, for the first time ever.

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Anonymous said...

What kind of right-wind butt-heat would ever appoint a jerk like Pai to the FCC in the first place?!?! Truly, Trump is a unique and unprecedented Evil!