November 14, 2017

And now John Travolta

Mercury News - Police in 2000 took a police report from a 21-year-old masseur who accused John Travolta of groping his buttocks and indecently exposing himself during a deep-body massage at a Palm Springs hotel, the Daily Mail reported

.... The newly uncovered police report marks the latest in a series of incidents pointing to Travolta’s alleged sexual preference for men, as well as an alleged habit of hitting on men at high-end spas, hotels and cruise ships and in the locker rooms of fitness clubs, according to the Daily Beast.

Since 1975, Travolta has been a devout practitioner of Scientology, a movement based on founder L. Ron Hubbard’s book “Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.” That tome, the basis for Scientology practices, classified the homosexual as “the sexual pervert.”



Bill Hicks said...

I heard about this story a decade ago. It's pretty old news. Lucky for Travolta, he's washed up.

Strelnikov said...

All the indications are that Travolta is only in Scientology to keep people happy and to avoid Scientology exposure of him as a gay man (their "auditing" talk therapy sessions are recorded by hidden video cameras and microphones, especially for the celebrity clientele.) Scientology has and will continue to try to blacken the names of the people who leave their cult. Travolta wants to avoid that, so he stays, but like a lot of them he probably barely does Scientology training anymore.