November 7, 2017

An unmentioned aspect of the Trump-Russia story

Sam Smith - There have been a number of stories about how the Trump campaign didn't expect to win in 2017.  If this is true then it casts a possibly different light on the Russian aspect. What if the Trump Russian effort was not just about the election but about possible dealings if he didn't win? We should at least consider this in thinking about the Russian escapade.


Anonymous said...

The classic shorts, like their taller kin, are also a part
of the boots that started it all.

Anonymous said...

"What if the Trump Russian effort..."

Really? You're still pushing this tripe?

It's been ONE YEAR since the election. Time to get on with a new agenda in response.

Ever heard of Uranium One? $150 Mil to Clinton Foundation? Podesta Group?
$12 Mil for phony dossier/opposition "research"?

Maybe you should look up the definition of collusion Sam. That's collusion.

You're pushing the same McCarthyism to advance your agenda - and it all started with Podesta and the Clintons - who continue to destroy the Democratic Party. Enough.