October 14, 2017

Weinstein had contract that protected his sex attacks

TMZ - Harvey Weinstein may have been fired illegally by The Weinstein Company, a company that wrote a contract that said Weinstein could get sued over and over for sexual harassment and as long as he shelled out money, that was good enough for the Company.

TMZ is privy to Weinstein's 2015 employment contract, which says if he gets sued for sexual harassment or any other "misconduct" that results in a settlement or judgment against TWC, all Weinstein has to do is pay what the company's out, along with a fine, and he's in the clear.

According to the contract, if Weinstein "treated someone improperly in violation of the company's Code of Conduct," he must reimburse TWC for settlements or judgments. Additionally, "You [Weinstein] will pay the company liquidated damages of $250,000 for the first such instance, $500,000 for the second such instance, $750,000 for the third such instance, and $1,000,000 for each additional instance."

The contract says as long as Weinstein pays, it constitutes a "cure" for the misconduct and no further action can be taken. Translation -- Weinstein could be sued over and over and as long as he wrote a check, he keeps his job.

The contract has specific language as to when the Board of Directors can fire Weinstein -- if he's indicted or convicted of a crime, but that doesn't apply here.


Bill Hicks said...

Hillary Clinton has now been proven to have close ties to two of the most powerful sexual predators in American history--yet she still laughably claims that women who didn't vote for her are traitors to their gender.

Laser said...

Wouldn't the legal clean hands doctrine supersede any "equitable remedy" legal agreement?


Cheers, Tom

Anonymous said...

I have a dream where Weinstein blurts out "Hey, at least my prey were all adult women and it's not like I invented the casting couch, so when is everybody going to start proportionally hating on the myriad predators in the massive pedophile rings overlapping the entertainment, politics, and military industries, eh?"