October 12, 2017

Trump tries to screw up Obamacare

Politico - Fed up with Congress' plodding efforts to repeal Obamacare, President Donald Trump took the matter into his own hands Thursday — signing an executive order that he pledged would quickly remake the nation's health markets.

But his impatience to quickly unravel Obamacare is set to collide with the slow grind of the federal bureaucracy, complicating the White House's plans to singlehandedly put its stamp on the health care system.

That means it could be months before the administration is able to follow through on Trump's vows to create a raft of new "great, great health care" options — and even that timeline assumes the agencies can navigate legal and regulatory dilemmas and fierce insurance industry opposition that could stop the plan dead in its tracks.

"This thing doesn't do anything on its own," said John Gorman, a consultant who works with several insurance companies. "What it is is the most wrongheaded, stupid list of policies that I've seen in recent memory."

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