October 6, 2017

Trump limits women's access to birth control

Huffington Post - President Donald Trump’s administration issued a new rule Friday that allows all employers to opt out of including birth control in their health insurance plans for any moral or religious reason, rolling back the Obama-era requirement that guaranteed contraception coverage at no cost to 62 million women.

Requiring insurance plans to cover birth control imposes a “substantial burden” to the free exercise of religion guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, and could promote “risky sexual behavior” among adolescents, the administration told reporters Thursday night.

The Affordable Care Act deemed contraception an essential part of women’s preventive health care for the first time in history, requiring that it be covered under most insurance plans, along with prenatal care, breast exams and well-woman visits. The birth control mandate compelled for-profit employers to cover the full range of contraceptives, including the pill, the intrauterine device and the Plan B morning-after pill, at no out-of-pocket cost to women, while carving out exemptions for churches and nonprofit religious organizations.


Jerry S said...

It looks like the return of Nicolae Ceauscescu. How did his forcing women to have babies work out. YT Ceauscesu's children.

Tom Fusco said...

But the "Little Blue Pill" for ED in men is still covered.Stupid, stupid little man this Minority president is.

Anonymous said...

If only women had the vote. This kind of thing would never happen.