October 10, 2017

Trump finds new way to kill people helped by Obamacare

Political Wire - “President Trump, desperate for a health-care win that Congress couldn’t hand him, is pursuing a backdoor way of letting more Americans buy insurance plans free of the Obamacare regulations that Republicans have blamed for big premium hikes and costly deductibles,” the Washington Post reports.

“In theory, letting people buy cheaper, leaner plans sounds great. Until you’re diagnosed with a chronic condition or serious disease. Experts say that if insurers are allowed to sell stripped-down plans, the move will prompt healthy people to exit the Obamacare marketplaces and flock to those plans instead.”


Anonymous said...

Wow. How does anyone possibly claim that offering people better deals on health care is "killing" them? That's bizarre.

Anonymous said...

Anon11:26, I get the strong feeling that you're one of those who believe the "save money by spending money" scamverts.

It's not a "better deal" if you now pay only 1/2 as much as you paid before and get only 1/4th as you got before: 1/4 is not bigger than 1/2 even though 4 is bigger than 2.