October 2, 2017

Troops in Puerto Rico waited days without orders or even a tweet

Daily Beast 

Puerto Rico—Twenty-eight U.S. Army reservists answered the call of duty, left their families behind, and reported to an abandoned base on the eastern tip of the island.

Then they waited for orders.

And waited.

It was one week before the soldiers heard from the outside world. That is how desperate, how disorganized, the situation in Puerto Rico has been. Try as he may to deflect blame for the response to Hurricane Maria, President Donald Trump is the commander-in-chief of these soldiers who were marooned while their countrymen needed all the help they could get.

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Anonymous said...

Could it be that there are soooo... many unfilled positions open yet in our Federal Government (either the Prez can't find someone of 'like-ilk' yet, or that nobody is 'crazy' enough to accept the appointment), that there are gaps in areas of responsibility.