October 6, 2017

Stupid Wisconsin law overturned

Reason - Wisconsin's ban on selling home-baked goods is unconstitutional, with "no real or substantial connection" to consumer protection (and a lot to do with protectionism pushed for by groups like the Wisconsin Bakers Association).

That's what a Wisconsin circuit court ruled in May, anyway. Despite that, the state continued to target small-scale entrepreneurs selling baked goods made in their homes.

According to the state attorney-general's office, Judge Duane Jorgenson's ruling only applied to the three women who had challenged the baked-good rules in court: Dela Ends, Lisa Kivirist, and Kris Marion, all farmers and bakers who wanted the right sell homemade goods directly to consumers. They filed a lawsuit last year with help from the nonprofit Institute for Justice.

Today, Jorgenson issued an opinion clarifying that no, the ruling was not limited to letting Ends, Kivirist, and Marion peddle home-baked foods, but applied to all entrepreneurs like them in the state.

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Anonymous said...

Well done Judge Jorgenson!