October 6, 2017

Ranked choice voting supporters struggle with Santa Fe

Ballot Access News - The voters of Santa Fe, New Mexico, passed a ballot measure in 2008 saying the city should use ranked choice voting in city elections. The city still hasn’t implemented it. The supporters of ranked choice voting sued the city in the State Supreme Court last month, but that court refused to hear the case. In response, the supporters of RCV have refiled their case in lower state court. The lower state court must hear the case


Tom Puckett said...

From Dr. Jill Stein:

It's time to evolve to #RankedChoiceVoting which lets you vote for your favorite candidates without worrying your vote might be "wasted".

#RankedChoiceVoting solves the problem of candidates winning without majority support, which happens all the time in our current system.

#RankedChoiceVoting is simple. If your 1st choice loses, your vote goes to your next choice, freeing you to vote your values not your fears.

Good graphic on her tweet:

Cheers, Tom

Anonymous said...

"Ranked Choice" is a generic term. What you (or Dr Stein) describe is (I think) Single Transferable Vote.

Another Ranked Choice system, with a stronger pedigree and a number of different implementations, is the Condorcet Method.