October 9, 2017

Progressives ahead in local races

Boing Boing -- Across America, Sanders-inspired left-wingers -- many of the them Occupy veterans -- are contesting local elections, challenging the establishment Democratic machine as well as the GOP, and they're making enormous progress.

It started in the south, with the mayoral races in Birmingham and Jackson (with Atlanta up for grabs), and then onto the midwest, where the Democratic establishment is in retreat in Colombus, faced with progressive candidates backing a municipal minimum wage rules that will defy state law.

Now there's a live fight in Minneapolis, where establishment Democrats simply halted the nomination process when the machine-chosen candidate was drubbed in early voting by candidates backed by the Sanderist Our Revolution movement.

Then there's an upcoming runoff election for the mayoralty of Albuquerque, where an Our Revolution-backed candidate is running ahead of the incumbent mayor.


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