October 25, 2017

NAACP joins with unions over DACA

The Review has long argued for more cross-cultural coalitions around issues. Here's an example of one. 

NAACP - Two of the nation’s most powerful unions joined the NAACP in a lawsuit defending DACA against the Trump administration’s attempts to end the program.

Today, the American Federation of Teachers and the United Food and Commercial Workers joined the NAACP’s lawsuit citing a lack of due process for DACA recipients and the Trump’s administration’s failure to undertake the required “analysis or rulemaking procedures required by the Regulatory Flexibility Act and the Administrative Procedure Act” –laws designed to protect the public against abuses of power.

“The NAACP welcomes AFT and UFCW in standing against President Trump’s decision to renege on access to the American dream,” said Derrick Johnson, President and CEO of the NAACP. “In rescinding DACA, the President tells thousands of DREAMERS and their families that that America does not care about them. The President’s actions will only result in broken families and shattered aspirations.  Together, we must live up America’s promise of hope for those suffering from violence, oppression or lack of opportunities coming to our shores yearning for freedom and a better life.”

“While we support the effort to find a bipartisan solution to protect the rights of DACA recipients, ending DACA without regard to due process or proper rulemaking is not only a betrayal of the 800,000 individuals who have always and only called the United States their home, it needlessly jeopardizes the rights and procedures that protect every American citizen,” said Marc Perrone, president of the UFCW International Union.

AFT and UFCW decision to join in the lawsuit highlights the growing unity support for DACA in the face of the current attempt to eliminate such a well-received program that impacts all sectors of society.

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