October 13, 2017

More evidence of a generational shift

We have argued for some years that we are suffering from the last gasps of America's older generations, unwilling to accept inevitable changes such as shifts in ethnicity. That this culture is on its way out doesn't mean it can't cause a lo tof damage on the way, but it is important - especially for younger Americans - to realize who ultimately controls the future.

Some recent evidence of this is found in a Pew Trust poll which reported that 57% of millennials described themselves as liberal while only 46% of the silent generation and boomers did. Most striking is that the millennial liberal percent is up 20 points since 2004.

Times are achangin'.


Anonymous said...

The generation coming up after the millennial might surprise you... This nonsense with antifa, 3rd & 4th wave feminism, BLM, etc, is really off putting to anyone not already indoctrinated. Never underestimate liberals ability to screw up a sure thing.

Because, ultimately, no one really belives in both equality and diversity. You can't square that circle. There aren't more than two genders, white people arent the devil, and women aren't oppressed any more than men are.

But the dems can just keep hoping. Hope-y change-y. Hope against hope and ignore the diminishing returns of the liberal playbook. How'd that work out for Hillary?

Anonymous said...

I dislike the terms Conservative and Liberal in today's world. Many Republicans, I now consider Radicals; and while many Democrats are stigmatized as being Socialists, I consider them to be slightly leaning to the "Right". But both Republicans and Democrats seem to enjoy economic handouts that used to be considered bribes.
Of course, Republicans don't allow any differences in Economic and Social stances, but Americans in general do allow for personal opinion in those two areas.
Polls should be specific about assigning labels to groups. Maybe older white males fit today's Republican mold, but even older white females may fit another model, if ever so slightly.
Personally, as an older white male, I feel vulnerable to criticism merely because of my phenotype. Maybe the people with the most amount of Understanding and Intelligence are the minorities that deal with people like me without assigning blame, or holding a grudge.

Anonymous said...

"Because, ultimately, no one really belives in both equality and diversity."

For someone who presumably grew up in a first-world environment, you have a remarkably limited view of what other people are like. Not everyone is like you!

Generally, the more intelligent, emotionally balanced, educated, and experienced someone is, the more they realise that differences do not ipso facto imply inferiority.

Except in very isolated, hand-to-mouth communities, by the time people reach adulthood, most have figured out that while A might be better at maths, B better at art, and C better at diagnosing mechanical problems, they are nevertheless equal because those individual differences are only important in certain situations, not generally.

And as a corollary, there's something amiss in anyone who claims general importance for some characteristic that only has situational or, indeed, no importance at all.