October 13, 2017

Interior's egomanical boss

When Queen Elizabeth visits Buckingham Palace a flag is raised to mark her visit—President Donald Yahoo - Trump’s Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke has been getting similar pomp and circumstance every day when he heads to work.

When Zinke enters the Department of the Interior in Washington, a member of the security staff heads to the roof to raise a special flag, The Washington Post reported Thursday. The flag—depicting a bison—is then lowered when Zinke leaves for the day. It also travels with him when he heads anywhere in the U.S. on official business.

“If we had a secretarial flag at the Obama Labor Department, we never bothered to locate it or use it,” Chris Lu, Deputy Secretary of Labor in the Obama administration told The Post. The practice, Lu said, mirrors exactly how Queen Elizabeth is treated. Other Trump Cabinet officials, and even President Donald Trump, have not adopted similar practices.

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