October 1, 2017

Hiugh Hefner's battle with the Post Office

Sam Smith - One memory I have of recently passed Hugh Hefner was when as a radio reporter in the 1950s I went to interview an assistant postmaster general at a time when the Post Office was raising controversy over its censorship of publications, heightened by the rise of popular sex magazines such as Playboy.

The Post Office had decided to prohibit such publications showing nude women from using second class postage. Playboy eventually sued and won the second class right along with a settlement of $100,000.

Why I remember this interview - carried out in one of the largest and most historic looking offices I had ever seen with the assistant postmaster general sitting in a well over stuffed chair - was that right next to the interviewee (and totally unmentioned by him) was the largest pile of sex magazines I had ever observed.

I wonder if they were still there when Trump bought the place to turn it into his hotel.

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