October 10, 2017

Diplomats fear Trump's talk could lead to war

Independent, UK - Donald Trump’s tweets could tip his country into war with North Korea, diplomats inside the US State Department fear.

“I have this bad gut feeling that they really want conflict on this. That they are pushing hard,” a State Department worker told Vanity Fair, saying the situation was reminiscent of the run-up to war with Iraq.

“I feel like this is a similar situation, they want to do something in North Korea because it is a sort of wag-the-dog or kill-the-messenger and they are kind of trying to force-fit it,” they added.



Anonymous said...

Something i wrote long ago. Take ten failed states or more likely ten failed republics and odds are one of those will get a madman in charge. Take Trump verses Putin, who seams most sane these days to you? Want to get rid of Putin? Fine, but you may not be happy with the results, next guy can be worse in that properly designed republic.

If you take the madman coming into charge of a failed republic as a democracy design failure problem, then that opens up a large area of possible solutions. Everyone knows what often happens, the republic fails ecomically long term, the elites play their games, then a fascist or socialist single poltical party dictatorship gets into power, third world chaos.

Sooner or latter a strong man pulls the trigger, war and nuke war, extinction event for mankind. Choices, what do you choose ?

It is fairly simple, a think tank on democracy design and economic system design, Computer simulation testing and then real live testing, half measures will not work, the narcisst socialopaths should not be in charge of this attempt.

Trump is just a warm up of what may happen in the future, the republic in north korea is typical enough of a failed government design, with it's madman in charge.


Anonymous said...

Just a comment in general. I notice the elite's on going attempt to get the internet under control. Of course they will be mostly successful, but that will likely pore gasoline on the fire for succession in the western republics. How? For long term economic collapse and repression, the only possible relief commingly known now is sucession to new little republics with their own little controlled information networks... Hydra!!!! Cut off one head, two will replace it.

Divide and rule is fun until civil war breaks out. Last usa civil war was not that long ago, states rights will explode in another great depression, broke states can't print money, can't control their own borders etc, a lot they can't do trapped under a third world system. Of course I don't favor civil war or succession anywhere. The future is unknown to me, but I suspect the nearer term future will be of usless sucession toward more failed republics, global third world chaos.