October 13, 2017

69 House Republicans voted against aid to Puerto Rico

The Hill  -Legislation to provide $36.5 billion in aid for communities affected by recent wildfires and hurricanes, including Puerto Rico, secured widespread support in the House osave for 69 Republicans. The votes in opposition included many members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, who believe government spending should not add to the deficit.


Anonymous said...

Just talking through my hat, but...

If we want to create a group of people with an axe to grind right here in the Western Hemisphere, this is our opportunity. But, if we want to keep the Peace, and prevent things like a Communist Party from forming in Puerto Rico, maybe we should help these people out a bit.

Sure, I know Puerto Rico doesn't pay U.S. Federal Income Taxes, and maybe that can be changed now... of we do what we can to help out.

Also, maybe help Puerto Rico establish a responsible government that plans ahead, like What To Do when a hurricane hits!

I was on Guam around 1970, and there were many concrete homes built there after a big typhoon struck. I'm sure, with U.S. help. But maybe because now Puerto Rico has no military there, it is not so important to our strategic planning.

greg gerritt said...

The raqcists in conffress are incredible