September 26, 2017

Where legal, 25% of cancer patients using marijuana

Web MD  IOne-quarter of cancer patients in Washington use marijuana, researchers found. But the study also revealed it can be a challenge to get information about the drug from health care providers.

"Cancer patients desire but are not receiving information from their cancer doctors about marijuana use during their treatment, so many of them are seeking information from alternate nonscientific sources," said study author Dr. Steven Pergam of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle.

Marijuana is reported to ease symptoms related to cancer treatment, and U.S. cancer patients will have greater access to medical pot as acceptance and availability of marijuana increases nationwide, Pergam's team said.

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Anonymous said...

This is what is so unconscionable about Sessions' position on cannabis. All he wants to do is harm people, including cancer patients. I wonder how much money he has invested in big pharma, tobacco and alcohol. He seems to have an agenda to help those industries, by banning people from using cannabis whether recreational or medicinal.

I live in a full legal cannabis state, and legal cannabis is funding our schools. When the law was on the ballot, all these conservatives claimed the state would be destroyed by the druggies having their weed. Once the conservatives realized it's the cannabis users who are paying for schools, and that there wasn't an increase in use by minors, they quieted down, and now they smile that they aren't paying those taxes themselves. My state runs better now with legal cannabis, and the legal market has become so affordable, there is very little black market for it anymore. The harm Sessions wants to do with his attempts to roll back better cannabis laws, will have lasting effects on future generations. This man needs to be stopped.