September 9, 2017

Trump's war on medical marijuana

LA Times -Never mind what President Trump said on the campaign trail. His administration and GOP leaders appear determined to eliminate protections for medical marijuana growers, sellers and users.

Every year since 2014, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Costa Mesa) has inserted an amendment into a federal spending bill to prevent the Justice Department from prosecuting medical marijuana businesses that comply with their state’s laws. It’s been a temporary but necessary fix to address a fundamental contradiction: that even though 26 states have legalized medical marijuana, the drug is still prohibited under federal law.

.... But last week, the House Rules Committee killed the amendment at the urging of Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions, a hard-line marijuana prohibitionist.


BeamMeUp said...

I bet it's because Session's, et al, are all about protecting corporate profits.....and of course, that includes Big Pharm. This country of ours sucks.

MAMADOC said...

Prohibition of naturally occurring medicine against pain and other physical and psychological ailments is an attack upon the freedom of religion. How many people are able to see or not to see this matter from such a perspective, I wonder...