September 23, 2017

Massive Russian hacking in election

Reuters - Wisconsin, Ohio, California and 10 other states said on Friday they were among 21 states that Russian government hackers targeted in an effort to sway the 2016 presidential election in favor of Donald Trump though no votes were changed.

The Department of Homeland Security confirmed it had notified the states of the activity but declined to identify them. Russia has denied election meddling, and President Trump has denied any collusion with Russia.

Alabama, Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Minnesota, Texas and Washington state also confirmed they were targeted by Russian hackers but said they were not successful. Arizona and Illinois confirmed last year that they were targets.

The Associated Press confirmed Iowa, Maryland, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Oregon, Oklahoma and Virginia were also targets, bringing the total states identified to 21. Those states did not immediately return messages seeking comment late Friday.

“There remains no evidence that the Russians altered one vote or changed one registration,” said Judd Choate, president of the U.S. National Association of State Election Directors.


Bill Hicks said...

"NO votes were changed." As in: none, zero, bupkis, null, zippo.

As in, this is a NON-story that should not have even been reported, especially since all of the Russia stole the election nonsense was dreamed up by Hillary's campaign to try and avoid her total culpability for her her own loss. Once again, the MSM is carrying her water by even putting this headline out there.

Anonymous said...

Just because no votes were changed, doesn't mean that fraud or hacking didn't take place. the only thing that "NO votes were changed" tells us is that they didn't hack the actual vote counts.

There are plenty of ways to defraud an election without changing a single cast ballot, like removing polling places near communities of color, changing people's party affiliation without letting them know, not publicizing where the polls are, gerrymandering, kicking legitimate voters off the rolls by claiming they were voting in more then one state, but only checking first and last names and summarily deleting the duplicates without checking to be certain that the duplicate name is really the same person. Oh wait a minute, the Russians may or may not have done these things in the last election, but the republicans did most of them.

greg gerritt said...

Lots of folks complained when JillStein, the Green Party candiate, talked about this last November. I thankk her every day for keeping this issue alive.

Anonymous said...

Does the MSM inform us of the many foreign elections in which the US has been proven to have interfered? Nooooooo.

That's part of what embassies and the CIA do for a living.

And if their favored candidate loses, the CIA's sharp knives come out, usually to do a job on that unfortunate country's economy.

So spare us please the speculative bullshit about Russian interference in the US election.

AgustinG said...

Judd Choate is saying they haven't found any evidence that any votes were changed, so kudoes to the Russians for at least hiding that evidence better than they hid the evidence that they attempted to alter the outcome of the election.

(See what happens when you read what a person says with critical thought?)

greg gerritt said...

To anonymous, YES the CIA has been wrecking elections for the last 70 years, we can name lots of examples. (Guatemala, iran) What we ought to learn from this is to stop doing it to others. You know, the Golden Rule, do onto others as you would have others do unto you. All the election hackers from any era are a threat to democracy and rule by the people.