September 30, 2017

ICE arrests 500 immigrants in sanctuary cities

Daily Beast - Immigration officials have made nearly 500 arrests in a four-day operation targeting so-called sanctuary cities. Immigration and Customs Enforcement spokespeople said that 167 people were arrested in and around Los Angeles, with people also picked up in San Francisco and San Jose. Fifty immigrants were reportedly taken into custody throughout Massachusetts, largely around Boston. Authorities said the sweeping arrests were meant to send a signal to jurisdictions that are reluctant to cooperate with federal authorities in President Trump’s crackdown.


Anonymous said...

"Immigrants". Sounds sooo much nicer than "economic migrants aiming to get jobs that would otherwise go to USAians".

My stepdad, who'd fought the Japanese in the South Pacific and was wounded twice, worked at one of those jobs because that's all he could get with his 6th- or 8th-grade working class education: he was a janitor at Armour's.

What job could he get today?

Anonymous said...

If a policy is cruel, mean and stupid you can depend upon the US government to implement it.