September 19, 2017

Graham-Cassidy is one of the sickest bills ever

Think Progress - A provision of the new Trumpcare bill gaining steam among Senate Republicans — a bill commonly referred to as “Graham-Cassidy” after its two leading proponents — would allow many insurers to drive up premiums the minute someone gets sick.

This provision allows states to obtain waivers from the Affordable Care Act’s requirement that no one can be charged a higher premium because of a “health status-related factor,” effectively allowing insurers to discriminate against people with pre-existing health conditions.

But that’s not all. Graham-Cassidy also potentially permits insurers to charge higher premiums “as a condition of enrollment or continued enrollment.”

Thus, a person who is already insured could be forced to pay much higher premiums as a condition of their “continued enrollment” in that health plan after they are diagnosed with a new health condition.

A new paper by the Center for American Progress’ Sam Berger and Emily Gee examines just how much insurers are likely to jack up premiums for various conditions. According to Berger and Gee’s analysis, the numbers are grim.

Some examples

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Re Graham-Cassidy is one of the sickest bills ever

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