September 29, 2017

Gary Cohn's pants on fire

Huffington Post - With a straight face on ABC’s ”Good Morning America” on Thursday, President Donald Trump’s chief economic adviser Gary Cohn said that the administration’s tax plan doesn’t offer a tax cut to the wealthy.

But the plan unveiled by the Trump administration Wednesday clearly tells a different story. The rich ? and also corporations, which are technically people according to the Supreme Court ? are by far the biggest beneficiaries of the preliminary outline released by the White House.

Initially, Cohn tried to evade George Stephanopoulos’ questions on how the rich would benefit under Trump’s tax plan, but finally at the close of the interview he just seemed to give in to the untruth.

“Will the wealthy get a tax cut or not?” Stephanopoulos pressed.

“The wealthy are not getting a tax cut under our plan,” said Cohn, who is the director of the National Economic Council and is leading the push for tax cuts. The former Goldman Sachs president was also in the running for Federal Reserve chair before he openly criticized the president’s equivocal remarks on white supremacy.

Though the Trump administration’s plan is sketchy on key details ? including information on a much-ballyhooed child care tax credit ? as proposed thus far, the plan is a big fat kiss to the wealthy.

A stunning 80 percent of the so-called “tax relief” in Trump’s plan would go to ho

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