September 21, 2017

Flint fertility rate plummeted after city switched to lead-poisoned water

Washington Post - The fertility rate in Flint, Mich., dropped precipitously after the city decided to switch to lead-poisoned Flint River water in 2014, according to a new working paper.

That decline was primarily driven by what the authors call a “culling of the least healthy fetuses” resulting in a “horrifyingly large” increase in fetal deaths and miscarriages. The paper estimates that among the babies conceived from November 2013 through March 2015, “between 198 and 276 more children would have been born had Flint not enacted the switch in water,” write health economists Daniel Grossman of West Virginia University and David Slusky of Kansas University.


Anonymous said...

Which is, in a horrifying way, good: Earth does not need more humans!

It's just a damned shame that we can't drop the birthrate (globally!) in a non-toxic way.

Anonymous said...

While a lower population may be desirable, the way it is being done to Flint, is a human rights abuse. If the people of Flint choose to have fewer children, that is fine, but giving them poison water isn't a family planning method, it's a crime.