September 6, 2017

Dreamers have citizen spouses,children and siblings

DACA recipients: 59 % have an American-citizen sibling. 16 % have an American-citizen spouse. 26% have an American-citizen child.


Anonymous said...

Can an American citizen get on a plane and fly to just any country and claim citizenship? Get full benefits such as an education, a jog, anything similar to Social Security, etc. ?

Anonymous said...

I keep asking this question, but of course nobody ever even tries to defend their unexamined, soft-headed, Ochsian-love-me-I'm-a-Liberal thesis; they just continue to repeat it. My unanswered question is:

If economic migrants are a net benefit to the US, why don't we bring over the ones who can't just walk north to get here? There are millions of people in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean, and probably tens of thousands even in Europe, who'd be overjoyed to come here. The ones starving to death in South Sudan, for egregious example. But for some reason we don't seem to care about them. Surely they're just as deserving!

I find it interesting that nobody ever mentions that Nader (among other bravely-honest people, of course) has publicly stated that even allowing quasi-open borders will sink us.

The incomers are not a net benefit to the nation. That's a damned lie, and will remain a damned lie while there are citizens who cannot find a decent job. The incomers benefit themselves and the rich at the expense of the rest of us, especially at the expense of the Black and aboriginal citizens at the bottom of the Capitalist pyramid whose jobs are the first to be taken.