August 7, 2017

Word: Teaching the Holocaust story in Superior, Montana

This is from a remarkable description of what it was like to teach the Holocaust story in Superior Montana where "the people are friendly, kind, and generally conservative in their values. Superior was also the home of Slim Deardorff, an affiliate to Matt Hale and the American White Supremacist Party and World Church of Our Creator in the 1990’s, who maintained a small active group just outside of Superior."

Beth Keyser, Outrages & Interludes -    I am reluctant to draw too many conclusions from my experiences with my students over the years, but I will make one. Adolescents react to topics that challenge their values and prejudices without much introspection. As their teacher, I respect them no matter what their values and biases are because I am confident that by providing them with the facts and allowing them to process these facts in their own way is better than chiding them. Students won’t learn if they are put on the defensive either intentionally or unintentionally.   



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