August 2, 2017

Trump regime wants to limit legal immigration, too

NPR - President Trump is set to unveil controversial legislation that would sharply curtail legal immigration to the United States, according to a White House official.

As NPR's John Burnett reported,

"[The] bill would do three things: First, limit the number of foreign nationals who are able to get green cards to reunite with their families already in the U.S. — currently the largest category of legal immigrants; second, cut the number of refugees in half; third, eliminate the diversity visa lottery — a program that gives visas to countries with low rates of immigration to the United States.

But backers of stricter immigration limits say allowing unskilled people into the country acts to keep wages low, especially for workers with just a high-school degree.

It's not clear how much support there is in the Senate, however, for such a bill. Republicans, such as Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, and John McCain of Arizona are likely opponents, and there's little enthusiasm among Democrats.

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Capt America said...

Leave it to the Socialists and Democrats to promise to create jobs and to promise to provide the immigrants to fill them. Just like the Republicans.