August 16, 2017

Trump plans weaker bridges and roads than Obama

NPR - The president [announced] a new executive order with serious repercussions. Among other things, he is rolling back an Obama-era order that infrastructure projects, like roads and bridges, be designed to survive rising sea levels and other consequences of climate change.

President Barack Obama signed the order in 2015, but the changes have not taken effect; FEMA has been soliciting input and drafting new rules.

Now, the order has been revoked as part of an effort to "slash the time it takes" to approve new infrastructure projects, as Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao put it in a statement.

Supporters say the Obama flood rules would protect lives, by positioning new roads and buildings on safer ground, and protect financial investments by ensuring that infrastructure projects last as long as they were intended.


Anonymous said...

Rising sea levels? Have we seen any evidence of that occurring?

Maybe we should be preparing for the mini Ice-Age (Maunder Minimum) that we will all be experiencing in just a few years. The last time this happened a few hundred years ago the Thames River FROZE. Years without summers in the northern latitudes.

The Sun is going into a quiet phase and that will dramatically affect world temperatures downward for decades! The Sun predominantly controls the climate here on Earth - Geothermals are a second - no one still knows how many undersea volcanoes exist! Sea level rise is the least of our concerns.

THAT is science. And we will be living thru it for the next 40 -50 years. Not your computer-model fantasies of CO2 mystically heating the atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

Temperature trends have in fact increased along with the carbon content in the atmosphere. That is science, as well. Don't get complacent and think that things operate on fewer variables just because nobody else is paying attention to solar activity.

Greg Gerritt said...

President Toxic Dump and all the peoplehe has appointed to policy positions are idiots.