August 5, 2017

Trump doesn't understand economics either

Salon - A series of interviews by The New York Times revealed ... many economists — including the one whose work is the sole evidence cited by Trump for his proposal — disagree with the notion that stopping immigration will help create jobs.

The Harvard immigration economist George J. Borjas, whose work has been used by the president to justify his policies, told The New York Times that “that is a political decision. That is not an economic decision.”

Although Borjas deviates from the majority view that legal immigration helps the economy — he instead feels that the immigrants themselves mainly benefit from pro-immigration policies — he nevertheless insists that the underlying question is, “Do you want to live in a country that only cares about money, or do you want to live in a country that has a legacy of being generous to immigrants? Maybe you want a compromise.”

His perception was echoed by University of California, Davis, economist Giovanni Peri, who told the Times that “the average American worker is more likely to lose than to gain from immigration restrictions.”

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MAMADOC said...

The man fails to understand basics on every front. His knowledge of history is non-existent... and his heart is even worse than his brain!! WE MUST DISSOLVE THE NATION-STATE per se and INAUGURATE THE UNITED BIO-REGIONS OF THE PLANET.
With autonomous municipalities or counties throughout which will elect legislators in a non-partisan democratic system. All our sites are down for now but I will let Sam know where to visit us as soon as they have been restored to functionality. You can reach us through Facebook in the meantime... A.C. Instituto Simone Weil, Valle de Bravo, Mx. (English)... or in Spanish: Instituto Simone Weil A.C. Valle de Bravo, Mx.