August 21, 2017

Nearly half of women want Trump to be impeached

Maine Public Broacating - Women are more enthusiastic than men about the idea of a Trump impeachment, according to the Public Religion Research Institute. Nearly half of women — 47 percent — believe President Trump should be impeached, compared with 32 percent of men. Not only that, but women are a big reason why his approval rating is so low, Gallup data show. Women approve of Trump far less than they have approved of any other president at this point in his administration in at least the last 64 years, according to data collected since Dwight Eisenhower was in the White House. Men, meanwhile, are within the historical norm.

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greg gerritt said...

I would probably be open to impeachment, but prefer to keep him in office for the next few years so we can continue to rash the republicans and their agenda. Pence would probably be more effecti ve at actually getting bad things done.