August 8, 2017

Military declares war on Amazon

BBC - The Pentagon has given US military bases permission to shoot down or otherwise destroy consumer drones flying overhead and nearby.

A spokesman revealed that guidance was issued on 4 August.

He said the exact terms of the policy were classified.

The watchdog has forecast that US-based hobbyists will own more than 3.5 million drones by 2021, and that there could be a further 1.6 million commercial models in operation.


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greg gerritt said...

Can the rest of us shoot military drones near our communities?

Anonymous said...

Re: Greg @ 1:12

The Military does value restricting who / what enters their military bases.

If somebody wants to drive onto a military base, they need to stop at the entrance and announce who they are and why they are coming onto the base. This security may be intensified at times.

In theory, if drones were to (somehow) come to a base's main gate and be identified, then flying drones might be allowed onto a base.

//just a guess