August 8, 2017

Melania Trump might not pass her husband's immigration standards

Independent, UK -Doubts surface that the Slovenian-born first lady, who does not have a college degree, would pass skills-based points system

Donald Trump's supporters don’t care if his wife Melania would likely fail to get into the US if she was vetted under a proposed screening system because she is the “right kind” of immigrant, it has been claimed.

Journalist Julia Ioffe spoke out over “restrictive” plans by the President’s administration to curb the number of arrivals by forcing the hopefuls to first take a skills-based points system.

She said the crackdown was a bid by Mr Trump to pander to the loyal followers of his populist style of politics who ushered him into the White House in his shock election victory.

But Ms Ioffe said his supporters were not concerned if his Slovenian-born wife herself could pass that screening because she is a “beautiful white woman from Europe, and we like those”.

She said she doubted Ms Trump could jump through that hoop because she does not hold a college degree.

She also pointed out that the first lady had first entered the US on a H-1B visa – one of the visas that Mr Trump’s Republican administration is trying to restrict.

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greg gerritt said...

Keep Melania, deport Donald