August 8, 2017

Israeli apartheid update

Jerusalem Post - Palestinians can no longer carry laptops and certain other electronics through the pedestrian Erez crossing from Gaza into Israel, according to the leftwing NGO Gisha – Legal Center for Freedom of Movement.

 The ban, which has been imposed on Palestinians entering Israel or transiting through Israel to Jordan via the Allenby crossing, includes electronics such as shavers, but mobile phones are permitted. Food and toiletries are also forbidden, except for those Gazans heading to Israel for medical treatment.

... The new restrictions apply only to Palestinians, including Palestinian employees of international organizations who need their laptops for work, Gisha said. “This new directive just makes life a little more difficult for Gaza residents and it’s hard to understand for what purpose.” Israel doesn’t “appreciate that students and businesspeople from Gaza also need to travel with laptops like anyone else in the world. It can happen because Israel doesn’t pay a price for inconveniencing Gaza residents, and just like that, from one day to the next, not even a sandwich can get through the Erez crossing,” Gisha said … Last month, Gisha reported that the number of Palestinians leaving Gaza through Erez had dropped 55% in the first half of 2017….


Anonymous said...

Abu Nidal was a terrorist working for the Saudis who killed Americans and Israelis alike. He was notorious for pushing an American Jew in a wheelchair into the Mediterranean. The Saudis changed tactics, and never again was any connection visible between Palestinian terror groups, which is every group they have, and Daesh and the like. That superficial change doesn't mean that there is even one millimeter of space between the Palestinians and the other terror groups as to their purposes and aims.

Abu Nidal was under Saddam's protection until Saddam decided to kill him, no doubt to court our favor. It didn't work. Saudi oil money wins over gratitude every time.

Sen. Rand Paul gets it. Amazing. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

DreamSpinner said...

The world is a Venetian masked ball.