August 16, 2017

Heatwaves of 131 degrees can be expected

Think Progress - In Europe, the recent heat wave was so extreme — with temperatures reaching 111°F, fueling wildfires and wasp attacks — it was nicknamed “Lucifer.” In the Middle East, as temperatures soared to 121°F, “birds in Kuwait have reportedly been dropping from the sky,” the International Business Times reported Friday.

But, new research says, we ain’t seen nothing yet. A new study by the Joint Research Centre the European Union’s science and research lab, finds that “if global temperatures rise with [7°F], a new super heat wave of 131°F can hit regularly many parts of the world, including Europe” and the United States.

...These are truly heat waves the likes of which have never been seen. Yet they will become commonplace around the globe. The Southeastern United States would be one of the hardest hit places

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greg gerritt said...

TX , Oklahoma and Louisiana deserve the heat waves they are creating.