August 5, 2017

British union wants to organize self-employed

Guardian - A trade union is hoping to sign up more than 100,000 self-employed workers within the next five years as part of a radical new project to overhaul rights for surging numbers of freelancers, and tackle plunging union membership.

With self-employed workers unlikely to take industrial action, the new platform is steering clear of the traditional role of a trade union. Instead, the main focus is late payments, one of the most pressing issue for freelancers and small businesses, with ambitions to eventually offer “bread funds” for holiday and sick pay as well as mortgage guarantees. All work and no pay: creative industries freelancers are exploited Read more

The project is the brainchild of the Community trade union and IndyCube, a cooperative which provides low-cost desk space in more than 30 locations.

Note: The Progressive Review has recommended a union for self-employed and non-unionized employees modeled on the AARP. This organization could provide all sorts of services while building a pro-labor constituency. 

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