July 25, 2017

Trumpies can't just stop enforcing regulations says appeals court

Boing Boing - Trump wants to dismantle America's labor, environmental and safety regulations, but to do so, he needs to hold hearings, post notices, collect feedback and go through the whole long, cautious process of changing agency rules for the EPA and others. Instead, the Trump administration has decided to just pretend the regulations don't have the force of law, and to delay implementing them, sometimes indefinitely, without doing any of the legal work that would lend a whiff of legitimacy to the tactic.

But a panel of DC appeals court judges have thrown a monkeywrench in this monkeywrenching, ruling that swamp-gator Scott Pruitt, head of Trump's EPA, was wrong to delay the rule limiting methane emissions from fracking rigs. There are at least 39 Obama-era rules that Trump's administration of billionaires has refused to enforce, and the DC Appeals Court decision is a kind of starter's pistol for activist groups who are about to start racking up win after win after win....

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